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All the practice you need for the UK Driving Theory Test. We are licensed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to test you on all the questions in the official bank of 900+ multiple-choice questions that the DSA uses to compile the real test. You can test yourself under strict examination conditions, using a graphical interface that mimics the one you will use on the day. AutoTest compiles the mock tests intelligently. You get a spread of questions over the fourteen official categories. You do not get two questions on the same topic. Questions that you answer correctly are less likely to be chosen in later tests. You can read an explanation for every question. If you decide to buy, you can download a plug-in that prepares you for the Hazard Perception part of the test. Not only can you work with 8 official practice video clips, but you can also get the software to analyse your attempts at recognising developing hazards and to show you how you could have done better. If you are dyslexic, or you have other reading difficulties, you can download a collection of sound files that lets you hear all the questions and answers spoken. ·Excellent value for money - Shareware price much lower than boxed titles. ·Always up to date - DSA revises the question bank; you update the software. ·Multi-user capability - Records separate test results for each user ·Fast and easy operation - Options give you flexibility in how you want to work ·Assessment - Reports on your progress and advises you on further practice ·Reviews - Lets you review your errors after each test and at the end of the session ·Bookmark - Remembers where you left off and returns there on the next session ·Selective Testing - You can choose which categories you want to be tested on ·Question search - Enter key words to find the questions you want ·Northern Ireland? - Omit the questions that don't apply to you

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